PHP 5.5 Generators PHP 5.5 Generators

Among the new features that will be introduced in PHP 5.5, the probably most exiting one is the concept of generators. What are Generators? Lets first look at what Wikipedia has to say about generators: In computer science, a generator is a special routine that can be used to ... »

Baking a Pi for Google Go Baking a Pi for Google Go

No that is not a typo in the title! Google Go was first released to the wild in 2009, exactly three years ago. Since then it has grown from an experimental language to production ready language with Go 1. Go is available on all big platforms and architectures, be it ... »

Building mruby on the Raspberry Pi Building mruby on the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer with 700 MHz (can be overclocked to about 1.1 GHz) and originally 256 MB memory, which has recently received an upgrade to 512 MB. Yukihiro Matz announced mruby in 2011 as Ruby implementation that is easily embeddable into other application and ... »

An Introduction to Mini Ruby An Introduction to Mini Ruby

Ruby is used in a wide variety of projects today, but has gained popularity in web development with Ruby on Rails. With mruby, the latest language implementation, Ruby can be embedded into other applications. Installation The mruby project is hosted on Github. There are currently no binary distributions available, but ... »

How to write a Piwik Plugin How to write a Piwik Plugin

Piwik offers a plugin architecture, that allows you to build plugins without modifying the Piwik core. This article will give an introduction to the Piwik plugin architecture and show you how to build your own plugin. What can a plugin do for me? A plugin can.. ..collect additional data that ... »