Migrating from Maven to Gradle

Java has a long history of using XML configurations for everything. If you are like me, you do not enjoy writing or editing XML files as they are almost never human readable. Adding plugins to your Maven pom.xml usually means copying an XML snippet from a page and manually ... »

A new Date and Time API for JDK 8 A new Date and Time API for JDK 8

Date and time handling in Java is a somewhat tricky part when you are new to the language. Time can be accessed via the static method System.currentTimeMillis() which returns the current time in milliseconds from January 1st 1970. If you prefer to work with Objects instead you can use ... »

Drawing a YinYang symbol in Java

The Taijitu symbol (sometimes referred to Yin and Yang symbol) is a geometric figure and the universal symbol of the religion of Taoism. In a recent project, where a group of students had the task to implement a Go Board game with a simple AI in Java, the idea came ... »